Kinetic Editorial
What Is Kinetic Editorial?

Kinetic Editorial is a New York-based copyediting and proofreading service. Even for an experienced writer, it is often very difficult to spot typos, misspellings, grammar errors, and clunky phrasing in one’s own writing. I offer another pair of eyes to read your work and do my best to polish it to look and sound as professional as possible.

y type of written work will be accepted.

Kinetic Editorial's services may be most useful to the following:

  • Publishing houses
  • Authors in need of someone to refine their work before submitting it to an agent
  • Students in need of expertly proofread research papers and proposals
  • People for whom English is a second language
  • Institutions such as museums, art galleries, universities
  • PR firms, law firms, media companies
  • Website writers
  • Students writing college application essays
  • Job seekers in need of a perfect cover letter and résumé
What Does Kinetic Editorial Do?

I offer three types of services: proofreading, light copyediting, and heavy copyediting. 

Proofreading involves looking over a final draft and hunting for hard-to-catch mistakes such as typos, as well as grammar and punctuation errors.

A light copyedit involves correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, sentence structure, repetition, and clarity errors.

A heavy copyedit includes the abovementioned services plus re-writing, shifting sentences or paragraphs around, and even thematic restructuring (while preserving the author's voice).

Fact-checking is not a part of any of the services.

Kinetic Editorial works with Chicago style and AP style, plus specific house style sheets.


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